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The main objectives of COST 345 were:

bulletTo identify the procedures and documentation required to inspect and assess the condition of in-service highway structures, for example bridges, earth retaining walls, tunnels and culverts. 
bulletTo extend knowledge on the bridge condition and safety assessment procedures presently used throughout Europe.
bulletTo investigate parameters that influence structural assessment.
bulletTo elaborate procedures or methods to provide information for efficient and easy-to-use analyses:
bulletto establish relationships between the condition of the structure (based on site-specific detailed investigation) and the reduced carrying capacity due to deterioration of the structure; known relations between these two parameters could considerably decrease the uncertainties about the carrying capacity and thus increase the calculated safety levels.
bulletto apply site-specific load traffic models, including the special rating loading schemes and the weigh-in-motion measurements,
bulletto assess the true carrying capacity based on load testing,
bulletto assess structural parameters in case of controlled extreme loads (special transports).
bulletTo develop recommendations for collection of the field data needed for bridge assessment.
bulletTo prepare guidelines for the evaluation of safety of existing bridges.

The COST 345 action has also:

bulletDefined the requirements for future research work.
bulletProvided information on the stock of highway structures - this can be used as input to budgetary plans for maintenance works and operating cost models and also for establishing recommendations for construction options.

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