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Final reports
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The following COST 345 final reports are available:

  1. COST 345 action:
    COST 345 Final Report (pdf, 1.85 Mb)

    Working group 1:
    Report on the Current Stock of Highway Structures in European Countries, the Cost of their Replacement and the Annual Cost of Maintaining, Repairing and Renewing them (pdf, 858 Kb)

    Working groups 2 and 3:
    Methods used in the European States to Inspect and Assess the Condition of Highway Structures (pdf, 2.90 Mb)

    Working groups 4 and 5:
    Numerical Techniques for Safety and Serviceability Assessment for Highway Structures (pdf, 1.46Mb)

  2. Working group 6:
    Remedial Measures for Highway Structures (pdf, 2.29Mb)

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